FaceApp Pro Apk [Premium Unlocked] Download 2021

Hey, are you looking to download FaceApp Pro? then from here you can download FaceApp Pro Apk Download with all [Premium Features Unlocked] v7.0 (Updated 2021) free for your Android devices so for what you are waiting just read the app info and download the apk now.

Faceapp Pro APK – is a new app that will allow you to make your selfies look like the old-time pic. This Application is perfect for anyone who wants to show their friends how they looked when they were young or want a few laughs. Thousands of people have downloaded Faceapp Pro APK, and the reviews are great.

What Is Faceapp Pro APK?

FaceApp is an app that makes your face look better. To make it, take a selfie with the FaceApp app. It has over 500 million downloads, and sometimes people use it to change their profile picture on Instagram.

Why Should You Use FaceApp Pro APK?

Faceapp pro apk does not contain ads or watermarks, making this the best way to get excellent quality pictures without having any limitations imposed by advertisements. It also gives you more control over how much access people will have to these images with different privacy settings available on the free version versus what’s offered in pro mode.

Premium Features Of Faceapp Pro APK

There are many features of Faceapp Pro. When you download it, you can edit your selfies to make them look older and younger. You can also change colors and add other filters that will help with the aging effect. FaceApp has many different features, so there is something for everyone if they want to try this app out.

1. Perfect Your Selfie With Impression Filters

You can use the Faceapp Application to perfect your selfie. Different filters will help you with the aging effect.

2. Add Beard Or Mustache To Your Photo

You can add a beard or mustache to your photo with Faceapp’s impression filters. There are many different styles that you will enjoy using, and there is something for everyone if they want to try this app out.

3. This App Is Perfect For Adding Smiles To Your Photos

FaceApp Application has an effect where it makes the camera think that you’re smiling in your selfies, so adding one of these effects would be perfect for making any situation better!

4. Change Your Hair Color And Hair Style

You can change your hairstyle and color with the Face app’s Application. You can use different styles to change your look if you want and add a little more variety with this app!

5. Get Hot And Trendy Makeup Filters

Suppose you want to have a different look without actually changing your makeup. In that case, the Face app’s Application is perfect for adding more intensity and making it hotter with the filters!

6. See Your Future Self

Faceapp has an “age transformation” feature where people can see what they would like in the future. This is great if someone wants to know how they will be looking in their old age or change something about themselves that they don’t like quite as much!

7. Change The Gender Of Yourself And Others In Photos

With the FaceApp Application, there are many different ways of changing yourself and others into another gender with just one click.

8. You can use creative light effects.

There are many light effects to use and make your photos more interesting. The FaceApp Application also has filters for you to change your look from average so that the people in it do not know who you are and other various kinds of transformations!

9. Remove Ance And Blemishes

The Face app will also remove any imperfections on your face, like spots and acne. You can use this if you want to hide any blemishes of yours or just better your look!

10. Enlarge Or Minimize Facial Features

Using the Faceapp Application, you can also enlarge or minimize any facial features. You can use this if your eyes are too small and want to make them larger, for example!

11. Blur Face

Another way the Faceapp Application will change how people see you is by blurring your face to not recognize it. This might be useful if you do not want anyone recognizing who you are in a photo!

12. Larger Or Smaller Face

You can even have your whole face enlarged or shrunken down entirely with one easy click of a button from using the FaceApp Application. This means that no matter what kind of look you may like on yourself, there is an easy way to achieve it.

13. Includes Color Lens

Faceapp includes a different color lens to make it easier to share your Faceapp photos on social media without any other editing.

14. Compare Before And After Image

You can also compare the before and after image of yourself to see how different you look with Faceapp.

15. All The Controls In Your Hand

The Faceapp gives you all the controls in your hand so that you can have complete and total control over how to make yourself look.

16. Achieve The Perfect Selfie!

Faceapp is a great way to get perfect selfies without any real work on your part. With just a few taps of this app, it will simplify your life by doing all the hard work for you.

What’s New In V7.0

  • Lens Swither Feature
  • All Bugs Are Fixed and removed Completely.

Download FaceApp Pro Apk [100% Working] 2021

File Name:FaceApp Pro
File Size:7.8 MB File Size
Version:v7.0 Latest Premium
Total Installs:1,16,46,750+ Installs
Uploaded:11th June 2021
Last Updated:Updated 1 Day Ago

Features That Make Faceapp Pro The Best

No Watermark : With the pro version of the face app, you will never have to worry about any watermark being on your photo.

All The Pro Features Unlocked : With Faceapp pro, you get all the features unlocked, and they are available to use as soon as you download them.

Get Unlimited Filters : The Faceapp Pro Apk gives you unlimited filters that are perfect for any occasion. Faceapp pro has many great features to help make your life so much easier when taking photos.

Hollywood Filter : This feature is only available if you download Faceapp Pro Apk. With just a tap of the button, your photo can go from looking like it took place in Hollywood to take on any other period that you want.

How To Install FaceApp Pro?

  • First, Make sure you gave to download this Moment Camera Pro Apk from our website by the given link above.
  • Secondly, Find the location of the apk file that you downloaded.
  • A single click on to install the file and Popup windows appear on your Android Screen.
  • Click on Goto Setting Option and turn on the button Unknown Sources.
  • Then press the back and again bak button and installs the app by liking the next-next button.
  • Your File is Installed and Ready to Use. Enjoy Your Free Premium apk for a lifetime.


In this article, We have provided you with all the information you need to know about Faceapp Pro Apk. Now it’s your turn to download the Application and use it.

If you are interested in Faceapp Pro for Android, you can download it by clicking on the download button below.